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Cibini will customize his performance for your needs.

Nevertheless, here are some common types of performances:

Private Party

This is a performance at your location (house, apartment, garden, conference center, etc.).

No stage, platform, special ligthing or microphone is required.

This type of show is best suited for 10-80 guests.


Close-Up Show​​

This is a performance for a small number of guests, preferably seated at the table.

This is as close as one can experience magic, right under everyone's eyes.  The guests can touch

all the objects (cards, coins, ribbons, etc.) and really interact with the performer.

This type of performance is best enjoyed by 15 or fewer guests.

Platform or Stage Show

Cibini will enliven your event, whether social or corporate, with a unique show.

He can work with the existing light and sound system, or provide his own.


Walk-Around Magic

Cibini will mingle with the guests, walking around the venue, surprising everyone with his feats.

He will charm and entertain the guests for a few minutes at a time.  Of course, this type

of performance can be combined with another type of show (such as the Platform or Stage Show).


Cibini offers a radically different type of performance which involves no magic.

He touches on the power of non-verbal suggestion, memory work, and other "tricks" of the mind which can be used to perform seemingly miraculous feats.


This performance is best suited for intelligent and curious audiences and can be enjoyed by intimate groups, or very large groups, as there are very few "props" or special setup.  There is a lot of audience participation.  Despite not being a magic show, this is perhaps the most amazing and unconventional performance.

Common Types of Performances

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